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Shan & Co provides you with all of the information required to go global covering foreign country HR, entity setup options, international compliance related to tax filings, accounts filings and employee remuneration related filings as well as data privacy, which with the enactment of GDPR in Europe is a high risk area for non-compliance.
This is the only website on which you will be able to click on a button and get approximate estimates of costs of operating in different countries and where you will be able to find out the cost to the company of employing a person in a particular city/country at different salary levels and benefits. Furthermore, CFOs and other officers in the US often face problems in signing documents where they do not have any idea what the document is saying (or what it means) because it is in a foreign language – many of these documents, such as tax filings and entity setup forms, are actually translated into English on our website.
Through our years of experience, we have also come to realize that many companies do not know what filings they need to make and by what deadlines. Our compliance calendars simplify this while helping you avoid potential penalties. Additionally, many companies do not know what to watch for when renting property abroad. Our property lease documents help guide you through this process.
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