Getting detailed and relevant information about the accounting, tax, legal and HR aspects of your international operations to ensure you always remain in good standing is challenging whether you are considering going abroad for the first time or you already have a number of international employees and entities. This is because until now there is no single source you can go to.

This website changes all this! Built on two decades of experience helping companies expand internationally, Shan and Co's comprehensive knowledgebase and subscription offering provides in one place all the information you need to successfully launch, hire and operate abroad. By subscribing, you will become an informed client and save professional fees in getting the bulk of your queries answered. Furthermore, if you need customized support, a help button at the top of this website will put you in touch with an expert in our sister company, Nucleus, who will work with you to progress to a positive conclusion.





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Shan and Vyoma Nair were the first to discover a strong need for a one-stop multi-country legal, HR, tax and accounting service to help technology companies expand abroad. With a keen interest in the multi-disciplinary interplay of issues (such as the need for  job descriptions to be consistent with the allowed activities of a subsidiary as specified in the US/local country intercompany agreement – HR and tax collide here), Shan and Vyoma launched their international consulting service in 1994 and grew this over time to more than 700 employees with offices in 6 countries and operations in more than 70 countries. Extensive practical experience gained in this consulting business is therefore distilled here into a unified knowledgebase of information you can access to get answers to a wide variety of questions, thereby saving you time and money. There are also several unique Playbooks that will help you plan and budget better! From legal entity setup to expat immigration, Shan & Co. is regularly updated to ensure companies have the latest information to operate safely abroad.





Shan Nair


Dr. Shan Nair is a serial entrepreneur and consultant on international expansion. He has worked with many early-stage companies, several of whom have since become household names such as Tesla Motors, FaceTime and Ruckus Networks. Shan has received several recognitions for his contribution to business in the US, UK and India and holds a nuclear physics doctorate from the University of Oxford. He is a citizen of UK.


Vyoma Nair


Vyoma Nair is an expert on legal, accounting, taxation and HR issues that companies must resolve when they expand or contract overseas. Her technical expertise is widely recognised in Silicon Valley and elsewhere as being exceptional. She has received multiple recognitions in Silicon Valley for her contributions to the knowledge and understanding of international trade.  She holds an M.Sc. by research in Physics Applied to Archaeology from the University of Oxford and was one of the first to study the moon rocks.  She is a citizen of both US and UK.


Vaishali Joshi Nagarkar


Vaishali Joshi Nagarkar is an Indian Chartered Accountant with 25 years of post-qualification experience. Her expertise is in the areas of international tax planning and advisory, corporate tax compliances, cross border taxation, M&A and international tax content writing. Vaishali previously worked for a number of large international companies, including Datamatics and Deloitte. She has also succeeded academically, winning a National Merit Scholarship. At Shan and Co, Vaishali brings in depth understanding of global requirements, providing accurate and comprehensive information.


Swapna Marathe


Swapna Marathe is an India qualified Chartered Accountant with 20 years of experience in research, consulting, tax and accounting. She has extensive experience in corporate and income tax, transfer pricing, indirect taxes and corporate laws. A noted expert in international taxation, Swapna has authored articles on taxation in prestigious journals and has been a panelist at many international tax conferences. She has also conducted client training on international taxation topics. At Shan and Co., Swapna works as Director in charge of research on compliance relating to corporate laws, human resources, direct and indirect taxation and accounting. Prior to joining Shan and Co., she worked at a leading private sector bank in India, and with Ernst and Young.


Sachin Chaudhari


Sachin Chaudhari is a qualified Company Secretary with over a decade of experience in research, analysis and consulting. He brings extensive managerial experience leading teams in global compliance research and analysis at Shan and Co. Sachin also has considerable experience in International corporate law, tax laws, data privacy law and HR/employment law across a wide range of countries. Bringing a passion for learning and achievement to Shan and Co., Sachin is mainly responsible for managing and tracking all knowledgebase documents, as well as training and guiding production teams. He is also responsible for the overall maintenance and administration of the Shan & Co. website.




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