Expand your
business globally.

Tap into faster growth and greater profits by entering overseas markets. Shan & Co. helps make global expansion simple and easy.


Get detailed information about the accounting, tax,
legal and HR aspects of your international operations
to ensure you always remain in good standing.


Access vetted documents for
managing benefits, contracts, cost
playbooks, and more.


Everything from data protection,
to entity set-up, to compliance
calendars, and more.


A single source for accessing
country cost playbooks,
salarycost playbooks,
inter-company agreements,
and more.

Shan Nair

Vyoma Nair

Vaishali Joshi Nagarkar

Swapna Marathe

Sachin Chaudhari


About Us

Shan and Vyoma Nair were the first to discover a strong need for a one-stop multi-country legal, HR, tax and accounting service to help technology companies expand abroad. Shan and Vyoma launched their international consulting service in 1994 and grew this over time to more than 700 employees with offices in 6 countries and operations in more than 70 countries.

Extensive practical experience gained in this consulting business is therefore distilled here into a unified knowledgebase of information you can access to get answers to a wide variety of questions, thereby saving you time and money.

From legal entity setup to expat immigration, Shan & Co. is regularly updated to ensure companies have the latest information to operate safely abroad.

Access 1000+ documents

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