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Here is a brief description of our documents (templates/ guides/ other documents), which are generally available for the countries that we cover:

1.    Compliance Calendar
The compliance calendar will help you track important due dates covering company law, direct tax laws, indirect tax laws, payroll, social security laws, employment laws, and other laws (viz. National statistics laws requiring statistical returns in certain European countries, foreign investment laws, etc.) applicable to limited liability company, branch, or representative office.

2.    Country Cost Playbook
When budgeting for starting operations in any country, this customizable country cost playbook will give you cost estimates with details such as costs of payroll, benefits in kind, travel-related costs, utility costs, IT costs, consumables, office rental costs etc., and corporate tax calculations, all in a simulated Excel format where you can also change key numbers and re-run the calculations. 
3.    Commercial Leases
While signing a lease in a foreign location, you may require guidance on various aspects which are covered in our template viz.  tenant and landlord considerations, documentation requirements, legal obligations, the language of the lease deed, unit of measurement, local terms used, the local practice followed, etc. 
4.    Corporate Governance
While managing business operations in foreign jurisdictions, awareness, and compliance with local corporate governance regulations are necessary. This guide identifies the role of promoters, directors, and auditors towards shareholders and other stakeholders by highlighting critical aspects such as company records, conducting meetings, filing with authorities, and other legal obligations.
5.    Customer Invoicing Requirements
In the fast-changing digital environment, many countries are moving towards the e-invoicing system, which is challenging, and the requirements are complex. This guide covers the applicability of e-invoicing, contents of invoice, format, types of invoices, methods of sending an invoice, and consequences of non-compliance.
6.    Data Protection Regulations
In the ever-changing, digital environment data privacy has become a critical aspect, and recently several massive  fines were levied on corporates across the globe for data privacy breaches.  To ensure the integrity and privacy of data handled by your company,  you may refer to our guide, which explains the concepts underlying  data privacy procedures, sensitive data, rights of the data subject,  the applicability of prevailing data privacy-related laws, exemptions, legal obligations, and requirements for lawful handling of data under local data privacy laws and the EEA’s GDPR.
7.    Employee Benefits
Employee engagement is an inevitable aspect of any business. This employee benefits guide will outline to you - the statutory benefits to be given to the employees, non-mandatory benefits, monetary and non-monetary benefits, leave and public holidays, and benefits generally provided in the jurisdictions.
8.    Employee Salary Slip
Certain countries have a mandatory format for salary slip.  We have given the sample format of employee salary slip that is  usually provided in the country.
9.    Employment Contracts
Employers need to be informed about mandatory provisions related to employees in the country while drafting employment contracts. We have available for download  a detailed and customizable sample employment contract with side notes covering numerous considerations which typically arise.
10.    Employment Law Guide
While it is important for employees to know their rights, it is also necessary for employers to know their obligations and non-obligations. This guide keeps you abreast of important regulations and provisions affecting employers and employees including comprehensive details such as garden leave provisions, illegal or discriminatory practices (to avoid while hiring), collective bargaining provisions, etc.
11.    Entity Closure Options
Closing an entity is a serious decision that spans both accounting and corporate legal disciplines. This template will cover these aspects including types of methods to close down an entity and the procedure to follow to close down an entity.
12.    Entity Constitution Documents
Constitution documents of an entity regulate the company's operations and define the company's purpose.  We have given detailed and customizable sample entity constitution documents with notes for your information which can be downloaded.
13.    Translated Government Forms
Language can be a barrier while operating in a foreign country and understanding legal forms in a foreign language can be  difficult. There are a wide variety of government forms made available to you with appropriate English translation boxes visible when you point your cursor to the relevant data field. 
14.    Indirect Taxes Guide
The guide gives comprehensive information related to the applicability of VAT/GST, details of compliances, obligations, key concepts, etc.
15.    Inter Company Agreements
Intercompany Agreements are needed to ensure that your foreign subsidiary is remunerated for its services on an arms length basis. We have given a sample intercompany agreement covering well-drafted provisions to address transfer pricing regulations and other important matters.
16.    Legal Entity Set Up Options
While setting up business operations in any country, choosing a correct form of business entity is a difficult decision. Our template gives you the information you need to both choose the entity and collect the documents needed to set it up.
17.    Payroll and Social Security Issues
Payroll and social security regulations vary from one country to another. Our template contains key HR payroll matters to be considered as you expand your operations across the globe.
18.    Public Holidays
We have provided a list of public holidays prevailing in a country. 
19.    Salary Cost Playbook
Understanding the cost to company (CTC) of hiring an employee to the company and net take home pay for the employee (i.e., after tax and social security, etc.) are important aspects to understand while making a foreign hire. The playbook is setup in a simulated Excel format where you can also change key numbers and re-run the calculations. 
20.    Stock Option Schemes & Equity Compensation
The regulations applicable to stock awards are constantly changing. This guide provides you with information on applicable regulations for stock option awards, general types of stock options awarded to the employees, tax and social security implications for the employer and employee, compliance requirements with  government authorities, etc.
21.    Global updates
Our newsletter covers global updates and provides information on significant changes in corporate law, tax law, HR labour laws, data privacy laws etc. It will keep you abreast of  the latest information and ensure that you have not missed any important statutory updates. 
22.    Other documents
We have also provided sample formats for certain documents for several countries, as follows: 
•    employee termination agreement, 
•    data privacy consent letter, 
•    stock option letter, 
•    general assembly resolution on voluntary liquidation of the company, 
•    entity closure insolvency affidavit, 
•    director's resolution for not holding general meeting, 
•    director's statement of dormancy, 
•    director's resignation letter, 
•    tax representative appointment letter, etc.

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